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Quick Date Ideas for Busy Single Parents



If you’re a single parent, then you know hard it is to come by some free time. Between parenting obligations, job responsibilities, and commuting, it can be downright impossible to find time for your personal life.

But despite the lack of time, dating for parents is extremely important. With all the stress associated with raising a kid on your own, finding a good mate could significantly improve your quality of life and allow things to slow down a little.

The good thing about dating other single parents? You both understand how precious your time is. Finding a common ground on fun and quick dates will be easy. Here are a few ideas on how to squeeze in a little time to get to know someone new.

Lunch date


If you’re a working professional and a single parent, you probably think you have so little time that dating is impossible. But there is always one time period during the day that everyone has to themselves - the lunch break. So why not set up a date over lunch?

While it may lack the romantic trappings of candlelight dinner, lunch is a quick and low-stress way to get to know someone and see if they could be a good match. And if the date isn’t going well, the excuse of getting back to work makes for an easy exit.

Date on the run


Do you try to squeeze a daily workout into your busy schedule? If someone you’re interested is also fitness-minded, why not kill two birds with one stone and go on a jog together?

It’s amazing how much your mind clears when engaging in physical exercise, and jogging can be a great way to break the monotony of the normal dating scene. Give it a try; just make sure to take it easy on your partner.

The errand test


Life is full of little obligations and errands that are simply unavoidable. From furniture shopping to getting new tires, you’ll always have time-consuming errands that just need doing. A great way to find out if the person you’ve been seeing is a keeper is to invite them along to liven up a day of boring chores.

While this certainly should not be done until you’ve seen a person more than a few times, “the errand test” is a great way to see if a person is serious about you and can fun to be around in dull settings. After all, 99% of life takes place in mundane settings, so it’s a good idea to see if you and the person you’re seeing can get along in real world situations. Plus, you get to squeeze some quality dating time into otherwise wasted moments.

Hey, if the person you’re seeing can make a trip to the grocery store seem fun and exciting, then you know you’ve got a keeper. Just don’t ever take them to the DMV. That’s an odyssey we all must take on our own.

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