6 Ways to Meet Someone at a Reunion

Karen met her boyfriend of four years, Bob, at a college reunion weekend. Karen was hanging out at a bar to keep her friend company who was a reunion organizer, but found herself alone as her friend was busy running the event. Bob saw his opportunity and approached Karen to strike up a conversation.

"We didn't know each other in school, but once we started talking we realized we had some mutual friends, so it's crazy that we'd never met before," she says. "Even crazier is that almost everyone was totally shocked by the thought of us together, which seems hilarious now. We really hit it off that weekend."

The two exchanged information but didn't start dating right away because Karen had gone back to law school after having had a child and a divorce in Boston and Bob was living in Manhattan. But, after hours of long phone calls, weekend meet ups, and a couple of bar exams later, Karen says they are happily living together in Manhattan.

October is class reunions month. So before you ignore the latest letter from your high school or college alumni department, consider the possibilities of what might happen. A reunion could be a great place to reconnect with single parents like you. Face it, you've grown up, changed your opinions, and matured over the years. Hopefully, your former classmates did, too.

Approach the event with an open mind and an open heart. Practice these 6 tips to make the most out of the experience.

1. Get in touch with the reunion committee and volunteer.
Most likely, they'll appreciate the gesture and could ask you to help reach out to your former classmates. Jackpot! Now you've got the contact information you need to get started on your personal research.

2. Sign up for a social networking website.
If you're not already online regularly "friending" people, "tweeting" your activities or joining online groups with shared similar interests, you're missing out on a lot of connecting opportunities with people of all ages and backgrounds. These websites are also a great way to "research" some of your former classmates' whereabouts, find out if they're single, see recent photos, and contact them out of the blue. It's very common on these sites to reach out to someone you haven't been in contact with in years to send them a hello message.

3. Find out which of your friends are attending.
Try to arrive with a friend or two. You shouldn't rely on this friend as a crutch, but can use them as someone to chat with who can help you navigate the crowd and approach any attractive prospects. Just make sure your classmates don't confuse you for a couple if your friend is of the opposite sex.

4. Wear something that makes you feel wonderful.
Don't crash diet the month before your reunion to shed those last 15 pounds. Eat well-balanced meals, exercise if you'd like, and make sure you get enough sleep—dark circles can make you look older! Plan your outfit in advance and make sure it flatters your shape.

5. Bring business cards.
Make sure you have your contact information written down so it's easy to pass along to that classmate to whom you're feeling a connection. If you feel comfortable with it, ask for their phone number or email address as well and suggest that you get together sometime. Even if you don't meet anyone that you are attracted to, pass your information around to a few people anyway. It's a good idea to stay in touch and find people with whom you can relive "the good old days." You never know who they might introduce you to.

6. Have fun!
Be yourself and show off your self-confidence. It will shine through and classmates will soon be approaching you.

By Our Staff for SingleParentMeet.com


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